I took yoga with Louise for about a year and her practice was exactly what I was looking for. I am a runner and while I was searching for stretching for my tight muscles, I was also looking for a balance of both physical work and the calmness and reflective aspect of yoga. I felt so relaxed and centered after an hour with Louise and her gentle guidance through various poses and introspective exercises, it was just what I needed to calm and quiet my mind as well stretch out tight muscles. The flow of her poses and the time she spends in each pose was just right. I would highly recommend her for your yoga practice!

Michelle K, Marathon runner and triathlete

From initial intentions to final breaths in savasana, Louise makes a very connected journey through her yoga practice taking you along step by step.  You feel centered and able to reflect deeply with your body and mind even when you're having a bad day. She is knowledgeable, fun and real. I miss my weekly sessions with her most of all meditation, laughs and friendship.

Jenny H, Marathon runner

I have always enjoyed going to Louiseā€™s class. She is welcoming of all levels of yoga, witty and holds a peaceful and rejuvenating practice. She provides modifications and makes sure each student is confident in the asanas. She weaves in a theme to reflect on and connects the mind and body - love her classes.

Marsha P, Yoga Teacher

Soothing nighttime yoga with progressive relaxation - lovely way to unwind. - Louise is such a light - loved being a part of her class.

Liz A, Nurse & Marathon runner

Louise is so down to earth, kind, loving and has an awesome sense of humor! Such a blessing for all.

Karen L, Yoga Teacher